Step-by-Step Guide to Find Angular Developers

Step-by-Step Guide to Find Angular Developers

Quick Summary: You have your project idea in mind and have decided to develop it using Angular. However, you might be unsure how to hire an Angular developer. This guide will take you through the crucial steps of hiring Angular developers and provide valuable insights.


Angular has emerged as a leading client-side software development platform today. With over 3.5 million websites built using Angular, a majority are owned by individuals and businesses in the U.S., Western Europe, and developed Asian nations. 

As of early 2023, Angular maintains a strong position as the 5th most popular JavaScript framework, serving as the preferred choice for more than 20% of global web developers.  Furthermore, this technology has garnered an impressive 90.1k stars on GitHub."

While this statistic may not be the sole deciding factor, it underscores the significance of considering Angular programmers for your project, but it certainly can be one of them.

Key Takeaways
  • Explore the compelling reasons that validate the value of developing products using Angular.
  • Utilize our comprehensive guide to streamline your process of hiring Angular developers.
  • Discover practical tips for locating skilled angular programmers.

If you seek an answer to this question, we're confident you'll find it by the end of this blog. Or if you've already recognized the benefits and are now considering to hire dedicated angular developers for your project but are unsure how to strike the right balance between rates and work quality, this guide to hire angular developers is tailored for you."

Types of Angular Versions

Types Of Angular Versions

How to Decide - Angular Developers or AngularJS Developers?

Are you in the midst of a search for an Angular Developer but finding yourself caught up in the varying terms associated with Angular? You may have noticed that 'angular' is often used interchangeably with 'Angular JS.' However, assuming they are the same can lead to a significant roadblock in your search to hire an angular developer.

In reality, there's a substantial distinction between the two. Angular JS represents an earlier version compared to the current framework in use. Essentially, Angular serves as an umbrella term encompassing all versions from Angular 2 through Angular 9.

It's crucial to note that Angular 2 marked a complete overhaul of Angular JS, rendering the two quite distinct. Consequently, the criteria for hiring developers differ as well. So, how do you determine whether you need an Angular Developer or an Angular JS Developer?

Explore the tips below to make an informed decision for your search to hire remote angular developers.

Selecting between an Angular Developer and an Angular JS Developer can be a complex decision in the realm of developer recruitment, especially when the main distinctions are not entirely clear to many. Let's examine the key features of both to aid in your decision-making process.

Aspect Angular AngularJS
Architecture Component-based MVC (Model-View-Controller)
Language TypeScript JavaScript
Performance Better performance due to Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation Slower performance due to Just-in-Time (JIT) compilation
Mobile Support Comprehensive mobile support with Angular Mobile Toolkit Limited mobile support
Dependency Injection Hierarchical Dependency Injection system Simplified Dependency Injection
Size Smaller file size due to tree shaking and AOT compilation Larger file size
Two-way Data Binding Supported with [(ngModel)] syntax Core feature with ng-model directive
Testing Robust built-in testing tools like TestBed and Jasmine Requires external testing frameworks
Learning Curve Steeper learning curve due to TypeScript and complex concepts Easier learning curve, especially for JavaScript developers
Usage Ideal for building large, complex applications and Single Page Applications (SPAs) Suitable for smaller, less complex applications
Support Active community and regular updates by Google Community support but no official updates from Google
Use Cases Enterprise applications, large-scale projects, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) Smaller web applications, prototypes

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In summary, selecting AngularJS is not inherently a poor or outdated choice. The advantages of an angularjs developer are many. However, the decision hinges entirely on the specific project requirements and the desired outcome you are aiming for.

Roles and Responsibilities of AngularJS Developers

Angular developers specialize in front-end development and are proficient in crafting comprehensive user interfaces for web and mobile applications. They excel in tasks like module and component creation, which are crucial for building essential software. Let's delve into angular developers' various roles and responsibilities in your application development process.

  • Crafting an engaging User Interface ensures seamless mobile and web performance.
  • Building a robust component lifecycle with efficient two-way data binding interactions.
  • Configuring route paths, guards, resolvers, and events for intuitive user navigation.
  • Enabling effective communication between the application and backend services utilizing HTTP Clients and APIs.
  • Proficiency in using message brokers and ensuring quality in managing asynchronous programming.
  • Expertise in conducting diverse tests: Unit testing, End-to-End testing, and Integration testing.

Skills to consider while hiring AngularJS Developers

Identifying a proficient Angular developer requires clearly understanding the requisite professional knowledge and teamwork skills. Always keep the following key skills in mind to ensure you find the best fit for your project.

Junior Angular developer's skills

Essential criteria to hire an Angular developer include:

  • Proficiency in HTML 5 and CSS3, coupled with a grasp of fundamental web application components.
  • Capable of creating and testing modules and components using tools like Karma, and Jasmine.
  • Expertise in writing clear, efficient TypeScript and JavaScript code.
  • Strong familiarity with the Angular framework, including component libraries.
  • Demonstrated experience in teamwork, effective communication, and a proactive approach to learning, given Angular's biannual updates.

Mid-level Angular Developer

A mid-level Angular developer skill set includes the following:

  • Active involvement in structuring diverse team collaboration models.
  • Proficiency in both fundamental and advanced interface development skills.
  • Primary expertise in backend technologies like Node.JS framework, RESTful API, and database configuration.
  • Familiarity with various front-end JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue.JS, Next.JS, and Angular.JS, along with their respective libraries like jQuery, Backbone.JS, or Polymer.

Senior Angular Developer Skills

At this level of expertise, a Senior Angular developer possesses robust full-stack development skills, excels in project management, and demonstrates the ability to devise effective software solutions in intricate scenarios. 

Additionally, as an expert, they uphold the code quality of the software product and impart best practices to less experienced team members.

How to Hire AngularJS Developers?

As Angular continues to be one of the most widely adopted frameworks, the market is flooded with freelancers and web development companies offering Angular development services. 

Selecting the right developer or team amidst this plethora of options can be daunting. To streamline the process to hire Angular programmers, we've outlined a step-by-step procedure to assist you in finding the perfect candidate for your next project.

1. Defining Project Requirements 

Once you've decided to hire an Angular development expert for your project, the initial step involves clearly articulating your project requirements. By delineating key project aspects, you'll gain insights into the level of developer expertise (junior, mid-level, senior level) required and the reasons behind it, aiding you in hiring Angular developers.

Keep the following points in mind when determining project requirements:

  • Are you planning to develop a new application or update an existing one? 
  • What's your budget for development?
  • What's the deadline for the application's development?
  • How many developers do you need? 
  • What's the expected duration of the hiring process? 
  • What level of expertise are you looking for in Angular developers?

2. Select the Hiring Model 

Depending on your project's needs, you can opt for various hiring models: independent hiring, outsourcing, or engaging a vendor's services. For smaller projects or limited budgets, freelancers are a suitable choice.

However, for creating a tailored, feature-rich application, consider partnering with leading Angular development companies or outsourcing firms to hire Angular coder.

3. Assess Developer Staffing Requirements

Determine the number of Angular developers needed for your project's timely completion. Remember, the more developers you bring on board, the faster the project progresses. 

For instance, with a team of 5 - 6 developers, you can expect a project launch in 2 to 3 months. Conversely, with only one developer, completion may extend beyond six months. 


To optimize timelines and costs, securing dedicated Angular developers prior to project initiation is advisable, as hiring mid-project can incur additional time and expenses.

4. Create Your Job Description and begin your search for the right candidate

Drafting a clear job description ensures your team evaluates candidates consistently and provides applicants with a thorough understanding of their roles and accountabilities in your project.

Begin your search for the ideal talent for your project. Explore all avenues and leave no potential candidate uncontacted. Compile a list of the shortlisted candidates for subsequent screening and interviews.

5. Choose the Ideal Candidate 

Conduct comprehensive background checks and carefully review their previous work and portfolio. Examine the types of web and mobile apps they have previously developed. Interview the shortlisted candidates to assess their knowledge, professionalism, and expertise level.

6. Choose the Candidate and Establish an Agreement 

Once you've selected the developer based on their interview performance, qualifications, experience, and skills, it's time to establish an agreement regarding the project timeline, scope of work, and compensation. This agreement should encompass all pertinent job descriptions and remuneration details.

How much does it cost to hire an AngularJS Developer in 2023?

The expense related to hire a dedicated angular developer can significantly differ across various countries. Below, you'll find a list of countries along with the financial considerations for hiring Angular developers in each location:

Country Seniority Experience in Years Annual Salary Hourly Rates
India Mid to Senior level 3-8 $38,016 – $59,136 $18- $28
USA Mid to Senior level 3- 8 $86000 – 153000 $40- $72
Canada Mid to Senior level 3- 8 $45000 – $78000 $21 – $36
UK Mid to Senior level 3- 8 $39000- 76000 $23- $36
Australia Mid to Senior level 3- 8 $49000- $89900 $23- $42
Germany Mid to Senior level 3- 8 $48300- $87200 $23- $41
Poland Mid to Senior level 3- 8 $43700 – $49200 $20-$41
Israel Mid to Senior level 3- 8 $55100 – $95000 $26 – $45

The above table illustrates that the cost of hiring angular developers varies widely, depending on location and individual software engineers' expertise and skill set. However, if you wish to hire an offshore angular developer for your project and want to stay on the budget, too, hiring an angular developer from India could be a significant choice. Since the angular developer hourly rates are lower in India, but the expertise is higher, businesses can consider India as one of the most preferable choices. 

Interview questions to ask before hiring AngularJS Developers

Plenty of questions can be asked while hiring an angular developer based on their expertise level. Below are some questions drafted that are suitable to be asked to the different levels of expertise candidates.

Junior Level Questions

  1. What advantages does Angular offer?
  2. Enumerate the top 5 features of Angular.
  3. Identify key components in Angular.
  4. Explain how you can modify an HTML element's style using JavaScript.
  5. Define the CSS box model.
  6. Explain the elements that constitute Angular.
  7. How do you handle errors in applications?
  8. Define CLI in the context of Angular.
  9. Explain the concept of dependency injection.
  10. What does routing entail in Angular?
  11. Describe the package.json file.

Mid Level Questions

  1. Can you elaborate on the process of implementing lazy loading for modules?
  2. In what scenarios would you opt for shared and core modules?
  3. Which debugging tools do you recommend for troubleshooting?
  4. Distinguish between end-to-end and unit testing in Angular.
  5. Could you provide examples to illustrate angular directives?
  6. Explain the significance of the tsconfig.json file.
  7. Describe the purpose and structure of the app.module.ts file.

Senior Level Questions

  • Enumerate three distinctions between Angular 2 and AngularJS.
  • Could you provide instances of scenarios where you've employed HTTP interceptors?
  • Share your experience with change detection strategies. Could you elaborate on the ones you've implemented?
  • In what scenarios do you find applying a change detection strategy most beneficial?
  • Which modules are essential to import in Angular for utilizing reactive forms effectively?

Why hire AngularJS Developers from YTII?

Boasting extensive experience in the IT industry, Your Team in India has honed its proficiency in connecting technical experts with projects, providing companies with a distinct competitive advantage. 

With a track record of over 1,000 successful projects and counting, we've developed a deep understanding of delivering excellence across a diverse range of complex projects. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Angular used for?
Angular is a TypeScript language used to develop client applications through HTML. It has numerous core functionalities that developers need to import into their web applications. 
Is Python better than Angular?
Python is a well-known language praised for its simplicity of syntax. For a beginner, Python would be the best language to get started. But for web developers, angular is the most recommended language dealing with cores of HTML and JavaScript. 
Is Angular a coding language?
Not really. Angular is a TypeScript language used to spot and eliminate the bugs present in the code.

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