Top 5 Web App Development Trends and Technologies

Top 5 Web App Development Trends and Technologies

Just like every other industry, web app development undergoes immense changes every year. Like it is said, change is the only thing constant in technology.

To become an industry leader or thrive within the market, it is important for a business to embrace the trending technologies & serve their customers in the best manner possible.

So here we are with some changes that you can expect in the market. Or, should we say the web app development trends you are going to flourish in 2020 and beyond that.

Web App Development Trends & Technologies

Web App Development Trends Technologies

1. Market is Putting Huge Bets on Chatbots and AI

It has been said and written many times that the future belongs to Artificial Intelligence. And, web app development industry will be impacted massively by the advancements within this technology.

You can expect various industries to invest in AI technology. In fact, in 2021 more than 85% of customer interactions are going to take place without any human interference. This percentage paints a clear picture of the future of AI development. And, this gives you a clear idea of where chatbots and AI will come across you in the year 2021.

If you are in the customer service industry or you have an online web app, then it would be a great idea to hire developers with expertise in building chatbots & reach new heights!

2. AR and VR

Another trend that is going to dominate the market in the future is the rise of AR and VR. The technology has set its foot in the heart and mind of people recently and the response gained is tremendous.

This is the reason why you can expect a lot more development in this niche.

The main reason behind this lies in the fact that brands can leverage this technology as part of their marketing efforts and bring considerable benefits to the business.

As a matter of fact, many small, as well as large scale businesses, have already invested immensely in augmented and virtual reality technology and reaping great results from it.

So, next year you can expect this trend to rise even further and build a remote development team to welcome this technology within your business operations.

3. Blockchain development

The blockchain is going to become bigger and better in 2021. While it is a general belief that blockchain is just about cryptocurrency, 2019 is going to be the year when the world will witness the other uses of this most effective method of data storage.

Whether you talk about security perspective or ease of usage, Blockchain tech secures quite high on both the parameters.

4. Progress Web App Development

Similar to native mobile apps, that work offline as well, progressive web apps are going to be the next big thing in this industry. They load instantly, you can work on them without the internet, and they deliver an amazing user experience.

All these reasons make progressive web apps the hottest selling trend in 2021 and beyond.

E-commerce giants like Flipkart are already using progressive web apps (for their websites) along with names like Washington Post, and have seen a massive surge in user appreciation.

So, it won’t be wrong to say that we are going to see a lot more of these PWAs in the future.

Want to make your basic web apps progressive? Hire the best progressive web app developers from India and get started.

5. Real-Time Web Apps

Real-Time web app is another web app development trend that is based on WebSockets. These web apps have been around for years but gained popularity recently.

In real-time web apps, the connection between the client and the server is left open, so they can quickly get information in real-time.

Considering the huge demand for real-time information this trending technology has managed to carve its niche and is becoming more popular.

These are the five top trends that are going to dominate 2019 when it comes to web app development. Let’s wait and watch how 2019 turns out to be!

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