15 Advantages of ReactJS for Application Development

15 Advantages of ReactJS for Application Development

Quick Summary: ReactJS is a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, with many advantages for application development. Its component-based architecture, virtual DOM, and efficient rendering make it a powerful tool for creating fast, responsive, and reusable UI components. In this article, we will explore 15 advantages of ReactJS for application development.

Let's admit it.

The front-end ecosystem is evolving rapidly, and staying at par with this is undoubtedly daunting. Many new tools, frameworks and react best practices for android and iOS development are being introduced daily, making it a challenge to choose the right tool for web developers.

Regarding front-end development, Angular is a default choice for many business owners in the app development world. However, React Js is also breaking records.

And why is that so?

React Js is a self-explanatory, robust, and adaptable open-source JavaScript framework that can create accessible, short, single-page applications, and versatile front-end development programs. Regardless, React JS library is a JavaScript toolkit that makes designing appealing user interfaces easier for developers.

First things first. Let's begin with the basics, and understand what ReactJS is and what the benefits of React are:

Key Listing
  • ReactJS is a powerful JavaScript library for building user interfaces that offer many advantages for application development.
  • Its component-based architecture and virtual DOM make it easy to create reusable UI components and optimize performance.
  • ReactJS provides excellent developer tools and a large and active community, which makes it a popular choice for front-end development.
  • By using ReactJS, developers can create faster, more responsive, and more maintainable applications, which can lead to improved user experiences and business outcomes.

What is ReactJS?

Detailed Definition on what is ReactJS?

ReactJS is a Javascript library maintained by Facebook. It is an effective, efficient, flexible, and declarative open-source JavaScript library for developing simple, fast, and scalable web applications with rich user interfaces.

Ever since its launch, it has been used by web developers for creating apps.

A survey by Stack Overflow shows that React is one of the most loved frameworks, with Angular in the 9th position in the same list. Additionally, there are around 220,000 react-based websites, with some significant giants like Apple, Netflix, and Paypal using the technology.

With so many tech companies using React, it must offer benefits like no other framework.

Undoubtedly it does.

Moving forward, the right question would be about the growing popularity of this framework. Let's find out the answer:

Why is ReactJs So Popular?

React js is a flexible open-source JavaScript library used for developing simple, fast, and scalable front-ends for web and mobile app development.

According to the survey by Stack Overflow findings, React environment was ranked 1st as the ‘most loved web framework,’ while Angular stood ninth on the same list in terms of app performance.

Today, over 220,000 live websites are using React Js. Not only that, but industry giants like Instagram, Google, Netflix, Paypal, and many others have also used React Js in their software productions.

Let’s look at some statistics to understand the growing popularity of this framework;

  • React is an open-source tool with 191.2K GitHub stars and 39.4K GitHub forks.
  • 10902 companies reportedly use React in their tech stacks, including Uber, Google, and Facebook.
  • Machine learning web app using React Js will grow to an estimated size of $80 million over the next few years.

The reasons behind the popularity of React Js are numerous.

Moving to the next section, let's understand what the primary advantages of reactjs for your next project are;

Top 15 Advantages of ReactJs for your next project?

15 Best advantages of Reactjs for app development

React JS is, at its heart, a Javascript library for reusable, common js code. React code is used by developers to create interactive parts for their web applications, websites, and mobile apps.

In addition, your website must be already employing ReactJS to include a search bar, integrated infographics, calculator, interactive forms, and buttons, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages of ReactJs. Here are some other reasons why both developers and end-users adore React.Js:

1. It is quick and straightforward to use

One of the most significant advantages of Reactjs is creating individual components that make up the broader UI, then developing more sophisticated UI functionalities using basic HTML and JavaScript components.

The React JS speeds up the loading of websites and apps by utilizing Virtual DOM, allowing dynamic UI parts to update without forcing the user to reload the page.

React js is beneficial for creating front-end web applications because of its speed and agility, as people favor fast-loading web pages and apps.

The React developer tools simplify mobile app and application development.

2. React is a Scalable JavaScript Development Tool

Because of the capabilities stated above, React Js enables developers to include dynamic UI components in HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and other code layouts in a scalable manner. React also offers a variety of React.Js add-ons to enhance an app’s functionality and workflow.

3. Declarative React Applications

Rather than instructing a computing machine how to construct a specific outcome step by step, React Js allows developers to specify the end they want to accomplish and then leaves the computer to figure out how to get there.

Furthermore, React Js declarative API employs reconciliation, so you don’t have to be concerned with every change that occurs along the route.

4. JSX and Virtual DOM Enhance User interface

JSX and Virtual DOM in ReactJS to Enhance User interface

JSX is a basic JavaScript extension that allows developers to use HTML-style code to add dynamic content to a webpage's layout and template design. This enables web pages to show interactive features that make user experiences more engaging than sites that do not have the same dynamic information.

A web page would need to reload every time a user made a change on screen using HTML without React JS or JSX, which would slow down the experience and risk decreasing user interest.

React.js, on the other hand, enables developers to leverage the Virtual Document Object Model (VDOM) to refresh only new components rather than the full web page or UI. Take, for example, a blog post.

You can read, publish, and make a comment on a React.js-built blog page almost immediately, without having to reload the page each time.

5. UDG, Android, and iOS mobile apps may use React Native.

You may also use React Native framework to develop React applications on mobile to use React.js’ interactive features.

React Native is designed on a mobile-first architecture and can create mobile applications from scratch. Any smartphone or tablet apps you build will include interactive components such as animations, social networking buttons, and live polls.

React is also favorable to search engines like Google Search engine result and Bing, allowing web pages and single pages development to be SEO-friendly.

6. React.js is a social platform

React.js has one of the most active designs & development communities

Another advantage of ReactJS is that React.js has one of the most active designs and development communities of any computer language. It’s also open-source, which means anybody may take React apps, edit it, enhance it, and share it with others to help the library grow over time.

Developers can also collaborate with or ask questions of the community. Another developer is likely to be willing and able to assist them.

7. Reusable Components 

ReactJS developers know that with this framework, they get component reusability and code stability. The generic components can be reused anytime while maintaining them with no extra effort. It is even easier to create a class and use as much instanced as the developers want.

Furthermore, the reusable components don’t affect the functioning of others as every component is completely isolated and stored separately from other components. Overall, a lot of time and effort is saved.

8. Legacy System Integration 

ReactJS gives you access to upgrading your current system with an interactive react UI, which can enhance the overall experience of the legacy system. In addition, there is enormous scope for improvements in the existing UI if ReactJS is integrated.

So, team can easily integrate this framework into a legacy system during the development process considering your business requirements without wasting a lot of time, effort, and cost.

Furthermore, the new mix of your outdated system and new React js components will put aside the extra cost of maintaining the obsolete technology.

9. Simple Learning Curve 

This framework's simplicity makes it even easier for newbies to understand and work with it. So, a developer with basic knowledge can also work on this technology.

Hence, it becomes a feasible option for almost every organization with any development team to make the most of it. Moreover, since the framework doesn’t have multiple components, it will not be challenging for developers to get acquainted with this framework.

Besides, this framework allows both the apprentice and even the experts to get an equal chance to learn.

10. React is a handy and powerful Javascript library

Is React JS a framework or a library?

You might ask, “Is React JS a framework or a library?”

As previously said, React.js is a reusable code library that developers use to construct user interfaces (UI) for websites, mobile apps, and online applications.

React allows developers to reuse components numerous times. Instead of writing the same code repeatedly, they may leverage React libraries to locate shortcodes that other developers have already created, add them to their workflows, and move on to other coding chores.

Having said that, React js does share several characteristics with a full-fledged JavaScript framework. You'd better evaluate Angular and AngularJS first for suitability if you’re searching for a solid react code and JavaScript framework Angular first for suitability.

11. Amazing Community Support 

Amongst the most prominent reasons to use ReactJS for app development is a vast and supportive community that is readily available to solve your concerns. Furthermore, the gigantic community of expert developers from around the globe helps you when you get stuck anywhere in the development process.

Also, the community drive approach lets everyone access the information and documentation of innovation.

12. React’s one-way data flow makes the business app’s code more stable

In a two-way data binding model, the UI libraries watch for changes in the data model and update the relevant DOM accordingly. Working with UIs becomes complicated and confusing as a result of this approach.

React, on the other hand, employs one-way data binding, ensuring that modifications made to child components have no impact on their parents. When you type text in the input field, for example, the state of that component does not change. Instead, the data model is updated.

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13. Dependable data binding

React js leverages flux, an app designer that manages the flow of data from a single point, and one-side data binding. Anyone may therefore keep track of all the modifications made to certain data points.

14. Increase your resources and abilities

The main advantage of Reactjs in a project is that developers may use both javascript and modern JSX. With this method, they will be able to employ HTML inserts in the code, giving them a lot of flexibility to restructure and boost overall efficiency.

15. Functioning and testing

React produces apps that are not only extremely testable but also perform well. It makes it simpler to create an understandable, test-friendly design. From prompted outputs, functions, and events, may be monitored.

Now that we know the advantages of ReactJS platform app development, we are shedding some light on real-life examples of the same.

Examples of Applications Build Using ReactJS Framework

Examples of Apps Build Using ReactJS Framework

In this section, we have highlighted a few leading applications built using React js:

1. Netflix

React js is used by Netflix, too – particularly on their platform called Gibbon, which is utilized for low-performance TV devices rather than the DOM utilized in web browsers. Netflix preferred the React js library as it offers startup speed, runtime performance, modularity, and various other advantages.

The UI engineers at Netflix mentioned in the blog post:

“Our decision to choose React was influenced by several aspects, most notably:

1) startup speed,

2) runtime performance, and

3) modularity.”

2. WhatsApp

Although there were numerous betas before it was officially released, WhatsApp employs React js for building user interfaces from Facebook, simply as it uses some of its most efficient engines such as Velocity.js and Underscore.js.

Even today, the all-latest WhatsApp Web app uses React js to deliver a seamless experience to end users across multiple platforms.

3. Instagram

The use of React js within Instagram is at a significant level. The multiple features include search engine optimization, Google Maps APIs, geolocations, and tags that pop out without hashtags. IT is all there in the app’s API – and it is really remarkable.

Instagram is entirely based on the React js library and has let users completely adapt to its amazing features.

4. Facebook

Facebook uses React js components and framework. One of the reasons is that Facebook initially created the ReactJS library. Their webpage is built with React. The script is integrated into the application code. The mobile app is also developed with a version of React called React Native, which is similar, although accountable for displaying the Android and iOS native components instead of the DOM elements.

Furthermore, Facebook presently opened a beta of its wholly rewritten ReactJS, called React Fiber.

Complete Guide to Hire ReactJS Developers

5. Yahoo! Mail

Most people may not be aware that Yahoo! ‘s mail client also uses React. Nowadays, there is a huge demand for a robust and unified architecture for applications, which is why React was incorporated in as numerous bits as possible. According to Yahoo! react developers are adding it up in web application development as more accessible to employ React js framework.

The engineers at Yahoo confessed in a blog post on Tumblr:

“For the upgraded Yahoo Mail platform, we desired:

  • Shorter learning curve
  • Independently deployable components
  • Predictable flow ~ Easy Debugging
  • No dependency on large platform libraries

In the end, we chose React JS and Flux because of the following reasons:

  • Virtual DOM allows the client and server-side rendering.
  • React implements a one-way reactive data flow
  • Code in JavaScript library.

Growing and active development community.”


ReactJS focuses on enhancing business goals by developing high-end enterprise apps with ReactJS to help you advance your company's operations and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Regardless matter whether you are a startup or an established company, ReactJS is certain to give your enterprise app the greatest results, making it exactly what you want for your company - sturdy, dependable, and error-free.

Therefore, ReactJS and the advantages of ReactJS will undoubtedly be used in your upcoming project to construct an enterprise app.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Is react js a promising technology?
In recent years, numerous web applications have been built using ReactJS. It enables developers to leverage the dynamic features offered by this technology. Furthermore, it helps deliver a great work experience and ensures a seamless web application development process. All such attributes make the technology a preferred choice.
Why is React better than other frameworks?
The quality of user interfaces is the topmost priority for any enterprise. React allows you to build rich user interfaces quickly and cost-efficiently.  You can easily retain your users if your web app has intuitive, high-quality UIs.
Is React Native in demand in 2023?
Yes. In 2023, React Native is the best choice for developing cross-platform apps due to its intuitive architecture, live reloading, fast development times, and code reusability between platforms (iOS, Android, web).
Is react js a good technology?
Yes. In recent years, thousands of web applications have been created using ReactJS, such as Netflix, Instagram, and Facebook. With React js, businesses can leverage the dynamic features of the technology for their application.
Is React good for large applications?
Both React and Angular js development are suitable for effectively building large enterprise-grade applications. However, it’s often a good idea to reach out to a dedicated React js development consultant who can help you understand what is best suited for your project needs.

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