Our Success Stories

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Helped a financial company to reduces its time-to-market by 20%

Learn how Gettrx, a fast-growing Fintech Company, reduced its time-to-market by 20% with Your Team in India's offshore...


Simplified global recruitment solution for GoHire

GoHire builds a successful and scalable talent-hiring platform that allows SMEs globally to find excellent resources quickly...


Accelerating social media platform development with remote team

A German media startup builds an engaging and scalable social media platform that connects politicians with citizens and ...


Built a robust & scalable dating app based on astrology

Your Team In India brings the client's vision to life by building a dating app that uses astrology and psychometric analysis ...


Helped Dorey financial reducing its operational cost while improving CX

Dorey Financial Modelling, an international Actuarial Technology (AcTech) company, upgrades its solution to bring down..


MVP Success: QR-Enabled e-Business Cards

Your Team in India builds an innovative solution that allows business professionals to create QR-enabled E-Business cards...


Our offshore remote teams build customized RPA solutions

Plena Data, a finance and accounting RPA solution builder specializing in creating customized bots for repetitive ERP tasks...


Trellis software scales its operations by hiring offshore ReactJs Developers

Trellis Software is a US-based software development company providing ...