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Combining Cutting-Edge Technologies with Our Product Development Services

Software product development is an opportunity to develop new things and leave an impact on the market. Our experts follow an outstanding result driven process to develop immersive software product experiences for you.

Faster Development

Organized Process

We are obsessed with delivering high-quality code. With us, you will be able to get the best outcome with no technical errors within the decided or given time-frame.

Coding Standards

Agile Development

Our agile development processes are designed in a way to ensure a speedy product delivery. We follow fully-automated and streamlined processes for best outcomes

Unique Solutions

Transparent Approach

Our customers trust us with their critical projects. It is simply because we have established transparent processes and therefore, we consider ourselves accountable for whatever we do.

Transparent Approach

Safe IP Creation

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, NDAs, and compliance with local and international laws to make sure that your website and IP generation is safe and secure.

We Are Always Ahead of the Curve When it Comes to Software Product Development

We are a software service company with high business values and therefore, we use the most reliable tech stack to develop immersive digital products and provide excellent services to our clients.

Unique Solutions

Strong Product Management

Our Metrics Driven approach for software product development helps our team of experts to be more productive. Keeping your requirements in mind, they spend more of their time coding and prioritizing, or managing the value-based backlogs.

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Test-Driven Development

At Your Team In India, we incorporate the best test pyramids right from the start. So, by combining the development with aspects like unit test cases, we ensure that the delivered code is clean, high-quality and at its best for provide you with the desired results.

Coding Standards

DevSecOps Compliant Services

Our DevSecOps practices are meant to deliver inherently secured code. Our developers add in the best practices such as SAST &SADT within the pipelines. In addition to this, we also encourage project teams for constant checks, digital signing, and much more.


Site Reliability

Site reliability is a quite crucial process in our software product development cycle. Our professionals set up automated monitoring, tracing, logging, and other practices for event responses. We work hard to fetch the best outcome by keeping you as our priorities.

Test & Viabilit

Product Prototyping

At Your Team In India, we refine our products by identifying issues to minimize the software development risks and forecast investments. We also deliver a complete list of specifications, static mockups, and more keeping your future scalability in mind.

Test-Driven Development

Product Roadmap & Architecture

Your Team In India aims to lead products towards market success. As your innovation-focused tech partners, we will help to develop feature-enriched software solutions with the capability to provide augmented user experiences.

Our Talent Pool has Developers Across Several Common and Trending Technologies


We believe automation is the future. Thus, to add more value to your business, we have already built Indian development teams across the best technologies that support automation.


Mobile apps are the pocket friendly way to stay connected with your customers. Hire mobile developers from us & build highly secure and scalable apps using the best tech stack.

JS Frontend & Backend

Our top of the line frontend and backend developers have proven their worth by helping some of our premium clients to launch web apps that deliver utmost user experience.

Full Stack

Making our full stack developers as an extension of your team can be a win-win situation. As it will help you deliver quality results at a reduced cost in comparison to other tech devs.

Our Approach to Software Product Development

Our Software Development approach goes through several steps with an aim to provide you with high value to end-users. Here, our team follows industry standards during the process that includes agile development, high-tech industry-specific designs, and much more to fulfill all your business-related requirements.

Human-Centric Software Product Development

Human-Centric Software Product Development

Our team uses the design as a tool to create well-structured and strategic customer-centric products. We hold multi-platform expertise and our human-centric designs are aimed to balance between various business goals and software delivery, driven by the customer journey and behavior.

Start Working

Evolutionary Product Architecture

We carefully craft evolutionary architecture with various built-in features for that constant support changes and aligns them to your architectural goals. Our expertise in Software Product Development using open-source technologies ensure that the systems are event-driven, self-healing, and scalable.

A Unique Thinking DNA

A Unique Thinking DNA

Our experts carry high-quality thinking DNA for every product they develop. While they are masters of their tasks, they also understand the bigger picture related to your business. Our professionals also empathize with the end-user and work- hard towards meeting the goals with outstanding products.

DevOps to Achieve the Best

DevOps to Achieve the Best

Our working culture is focused on a SHIFT-LEFT mindset. At Your Team In India, we not only invest in the endless growth of our teams but also condition them to have a DevOps mentality. It means that our engineers follow optimal coding practices to deliver high-quality and automated solutions whenever and wherever possible.

Engagement Models to Hire Software Developers

At YTII, hiring Software developers is simple. Comprehending your project’s need, we have designed various engagement models for reaching your dedicated development team.

Monthly Based

Monthly Based

Hire offshore staff for up to 160 hours a month

Manage team using your own methodologies

Get real-time updates on project development

Monthly billing cycles

Hourly Based

Hourly Based

Pay for the work done in hours

Add or revoke hours based on requirements

Communicate via your own preferred channels

Real-time updates via timesheet

Fixed-Cost Projects

Fixed-Cost Projects

Fix the project cost before hiring remote developers

Hire developers on a long-term basis

Extend your existing team & reduce time to market

Flexibility to change scope at nominal charges

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our software product development is an improvement of an existing product with new features or the development of an entirely new product to provide you with market-specific solutions. With us, everything involves a series of steps like conceptualization, design, launch, and iteration. Some of the benefits of the product development are :

  • Enhanced client satisfaction
  • Development of new business or market opportunities
  • Enhanced profitability and potency for companies

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Our Software Product Development services cover the entire product life-cycle like conceptualization, scoping, development, testing, and more. However, there are the various stage of product engineering that includes the following:

  • Planning and Scoping to identify requirements through market research.
  • Conceptualizing the product and working on the same accordingly.
  • Developing a proper roadmap.
  • Developing the product architecture and designs.
  • Testing and Launching the products.

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Well, if you are looking for outsourcing software product development, then you are at the right place, because:

  • To satisfy the fast-changing consumer requirements.
  • To offer you an improved value at the best affordable prices.
  • To keep you on track with the best technological advancements.
  • To minify the risk factors.
  • To develop and establish your brand.

To more about out Software Product development services feel free to contact us at info@yourteaminindia.com

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At Your Team in India, our engagement models depend on your project-related requirements. But, here are the basic models, we generally offer:

  • Dedicated Hiring
  • On an Hourly Basis
  • Full-time

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App development depends on various factors, such as stages of production and deployment that even include testing. In addition, it requires a team of skilled developers that is also a part of the cost. Therefore, we need to discuss all these factors before finalizing the price. 

FAQ Icon The development process is based on numerous factors like budget, app complexity, features, and many other factors. Besides, it involves different stages like scoping, development, testing, and more. Therefore, we need to discuss all requirements, analyze all aspects, and test everything to figure out the exact time required for the entire process. 

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Yes, you can! We give you all the freedom to communicate directly with the assigned developers to avoid hindrance in completing the process as expected.

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Usually, we ensure everything is completed within time (during working hours). However, if you wish to discuss something urgent, we can always schedule a meeting.

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Our teams are always open to feedback that helps them grow and learn something new.

Clients’ Testimonials: Establishing Digital Trust

We love partnering with new clientele! YTII has more than 3000 satisfied clients who continuously support us via their feedback, more projects, and suggestions.

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