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Jan 4, 2000


New York, United States



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GETTRX is a leading payment processing solution provider, offering online payment gateway and Terminal POS solutions to numerous American businesses. As a Fintech enterprise dealing with financial transactions and third-party banks, GETTRX faces the challenge of meeting strict security and regulatory compliances. It requires continuous system updates and a robust fraud control system to ensure seamless operations.

Challenges Faced
by the Client


An Efficient Development Team

GETTRX needed a development team that would not only complement its vision but also bring unparalleled expertise to the table.


Security and Regulatory Compliances

GETTRX wanted to adhere to stringent security and regulatory requirements in the Fintech industry, necessitating constant updates and monitoring.


Quality Improvement

The client wanted continuous improvement in his products' quality and performance to enhance customer satisfaction.


In the dynamic realm of Fintech, where innovation and efficiency are paramount, GETTRX found its winning partner in YTII. GETTRX embraced the prowess of YTII's cutting-edge solutions. Here’s how:

Rapid Resource Deployment

GETTRX was able to onboard its own dedicated team in India from our elite talent pool. The team possess a collective experience of more than 45 years in handling complex financial projects and agile mindsets.

On top of it, GETTRX also hired two of our Digital and Growth specialists to help them further scale their business objectives.


Client Testimonial

Roberto Sato

Your Team in India is genuinely a partner you can count on. With over 1.5 years of experience working with them, I have witnessed their unwavering commitment to understanding their clients' passions and delivering exceptional results. I highly recommend them as a reliable and dedicated outsourcing partner

Roberto Sato

President & CIO - GETTRX

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GETTRX Team in India









Marketing Manager


Digital Growth

The talents were hired within 5 days, cutting the average hiring days from 90 to 5 days.

Looking for a highly skilled development team

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Technologies Used

Javascript Springboot
aws AWS
fargate Fargate
microservices Microservices
tsys Tsys Integration
angular Angular
stencil Stencil
node-js NodeJS

Collaboration and Communication with the remote team

jira Jira for project management
meet Google Meet for daily scrums
slack Slack for quick communication

The YTII Impact


70% Cost Reduction

GETTRX achieved a remarkable 70% reduction in project development costs. By leveraging the expertise and skills of our talented remote developers, GETTRX was able to streamline its project development process, resulting in substantial savings across multiple fronts.


Hiring Time Reduced by 85 Days

By leveraging YTII's existing pool of skilled professionals, GETTRX could skip the lengthy recruitment phases and accelerate the project's initiation in a week. Thus, reducing their hiring cycle to 85 days.


Quick Turnaround

With the competent team in place, development turnaround time decreased, allowing GETTRX to bring products to market faster and expedite its business roadmap.


Enhanced Product Quality

The experienced developers provided constant consultation and valuable input, leading to process automation, reducing the risk of errors, and enhancing system efficiency.


Improved Lead Generation

YTII's digital marketing activations resulted in a 2X improvement in lead generation, enhancing GETTRX's customer base.


On-Demand Scaling

Leveraging YTII's vast pool of skilled resources, GETTRX gained the flexibility to add new team members quickly.


Successful Remote Execution

YTII's well-structured and process-oriented infrastructure facilitated seamless remote project execution, ensuring improved output, quality, and security.


Delighted Customer

GETTRX found both satisfaction and a profound sense of contentment in the professionalism, dedication, and proactive approach demonstrated by YTII.

YTII’s Assurance to you

Extensive Talent Pool

Extensive Talent Pool

At YTII, we take immense pride in our diverse and extensive talent pool. Our team is composed of skilled professionals from a wide array of disciplines, ensuring that we have the right expertise to tackle every challenge that comes our way. From seasoned project managers to ingenious developers and creative visionaries, our talent pool empowers us to deliver exceptional solutions tailored to your needs.


Resource Replacement

Flexibility is paramount in the dynamic business world. YTII understands this, and we offer a unique resource replacement feature that allows us to seamlessly adapt to changing project requirements. Whether a team member's role needs to be adjusted or a new skill set is required, our resource replacement strategy guarantees that your project maintains its momentum and quality, regardless of any shifts.



When you choose YTII, you're not just selecting a service provider – you're gaining a partner invested in your success. Our commitment to mentorship means that we're focused on delivering solutions and transferring knowledge and insights to your team. Through mentorship, we empower your project to harness the latest technologies and methodologies, enabling you to innovate and grow even after our collaboration concludes.



Budgets matter, and at YTII, we understand the importance of delivering value without compromising quality. Our streamlined processes, efficient resource allocation, and strategic planning allow us to offer cost-effective solutions that align with your financial objectives. With YTII, you get more than just a vendor – you get a cost-conscious partner dedicated to achieving your project's goals within budget.


Intellectual Property

Safeguarding your intellectual property is a priority that we take seriously. At YTII, we prioritize the security and confidentiality of your proprietary information throughout our collaboration. Our robust data protection measures ensure that your valuable intellectual property remains secure, giving you peace of mind as we work together to innovate and create.

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