Top 10 AngularJs Features you Should Know

Top 10 AngularJs Features you Should Know

Quick Summary: The AngularJS framework provides software developers with the capability to create rich and robust internet applications (RIAs) with greater ease. In this blog, we'll explore the key features of AngularJS that contribute to its popularity among developers.


Angular JS, developed and maintained by Google, has gained immense popularity among developers for crafting efficient and scalable web applications.

But what made it so popular among the developers? Why is it one of the most used frameworks to create web applications?

Well, the reason is crystal clear!

Angular JS has built a solid reputation for its proficiency in creating high-performing browser-based web applications. Not only that, but it also shines as one of the premier frameworks for constructing Single-Page Applications.

This is all due to its capability of creating dynamic websites. Since it is amongst the popular choices, the reason that made it so is because of the wide array of features.

Key Takeaways
  • Securing proficient and dependable Angular JS developers is crucial to leveraging the framework's advantages fully.
  • AngularJS is a top choice for development frameworks due to its user-friendly UI, robust testing capabilities, dynamic templates, and numerous other features listed below.

Did you know that despite its numerous features, many businesses still struggle to harness its full potential?  

Well, that is due to the inability of the developers to make the most use of it. 

Therefore, it is crucial to hire reliable angular JS developers to utilize its complete set of advantages.

But before that!

Let's delve into some of the standout features of Angular JS that have propelled it to the forefront of web development.

Top features of Angular JS 

1. Data Binding 

AngularJS facilitates data binding through two main methods:

  1. One-way data binding
  2. Two-way data binding

In the Angular JS framework, data binding is a powerful feature that simplifies the synchronization between the view and the model. 

With this feature, developers don't have to write separate sets of code to implement data-binding functionality in an Angular application. Any modifications made to the user interface will automatically update the application objects and vice versa. 

With just a few lines of code, angular js developers can easily bind data from an HTML control to application data. Additionally, securing it with an HTML control requires no additional code.

2. The Ideal MVC

Model View Architecture has a model layer that manages the application data. The view layer displays the data while the controller connects the model & view layer. It is one of the best AngularJS features that makes it an ideal choice for web development.

Other frameworks that implement MVC, urge you to split your app into components. Splitting app components requires you to write the code to string them together, which is time-consuming.

However, with the AngularJS framework, you just have to split the application into MVC, and it completes the rest of the process itself.

Altogether, it manages all your components & also serves as the pipeline that connects them.

3. Testing Capabilities

AngularJS is designed with a strong emphasis on testability. It includes its own testing framework, Jasmine, and provides a comprehensive set of tools for both unit and end-to-end testing. 

The end-to-end unit testing functionality ensures the creation of code that is not only easy to maintain but also bug-free, well-documented, and high-quality. 

The framework provides AngularJS developers with a plethora of robust options, eliminating the need to depend on third-party software for application support.

4. Support Dependency Injection

AngularJS is equipped with a built-in dependency injection system that enables developers to handle dependencies and services efficiently. 

The term "dependency injection" refers to the dynamic insertion of necessary functionalities into modules at runtime. AngularJS provides a robust dependency injection mechanism, allowing developers to create, manage easily, and test applications. 

This approach promotes code reusability and modularity, enabling the defining and use of services across multiple modules for enhanced efficiency and flexibility.

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5. A Declarative User Interface

AngularJS takes the help of HTML to build its user interface. HTML is a declarative language that has short tags and is easy to understand. Because of this reason, AngularJS web applications have a simple and organized user interface.

HTML also determines the execution of the app, and special attributes in the HTML control the use of every element. These attributes are responsible for determining ‘what’ gets loaded and ‘how.’
This approach simplifies the web app development process, as it is based on what you see is what you get. You only have to define your requirements, and the Angular framework will take care of the rest.

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6. Filters


AngularJS filters provide powerful data formatting capabilities, which enrich the user experience. They allow developers to process data before presenting it to the user, enabling features such as sorting, filtering, and transformation. 

Filters can be used to organize lists in ascending or descending order, refine search results, or even modify data for better readability. 

This feature dramatically improves the overall usability and effectiveness of web applications, ensuring that users receive information in the most convenient and efficient format.

7. Templates

AngularJS templates form the foundation of user interfaces. They use HTML to define how the application should interact with users and render data. 

Through dynamic data binding, templates integrate with the application's model, ensuring that any changes reflect instantly in the view. This declarative approach simplifies UI design and promotes code reusability. Templates also support conditional rendering, loops, and form handling, making them versatile. 

Templates facilitate organized and maintainable codebases by separating concerns and integrating them with controllers. In AngularJS applications, templates empower developers to create dynamic and interactive user experiences.

8. Directives

AngularJS is a framework that enhances HTML by providing a set of built-in attributes known as directives. These directives work as markers on DOM elements, informing AngularJS to apply specific functionalities. 

They allow developers to expand HTML's inherent capabilities and design custom, reusable components. The primary goal of these directives is to enhance HTML's functionality, making it ideal for dynamic client-side applications. 

Additionally, AngularJS enables these directives to be self-triggered, further improving the efficiency and adaptability of web applications.

9. Timely Updates

Regular updates are crucial to stay competitive in the digital landscape. Neglecting framework upgrades can lead to obsolescence. Angular addresses this issue by continuously refining its Component Development Kit (CDK). 

This ensures that your application remains current and in sync with the latest features and settings. 

Adopting this proactive approach not only improves the functionality of your application but also facilitates seamless transitions during Angular version upgrades.

10. The Ivy Renderer's Strength

A renderer is crucial in converting TypeScript and HTML code into JavaScript instructions browsers can interpret. It enables browsers to display your components and templates accurately. 

Additionally, the Ivy Renderer employs a tree-shaking technique that eliminates redundant code, resulting in a more compact web application and faster loading times. 

This feature plays a substantial role in reducing the size of the Angular framework, resulting in a smaller bundle overall.

So, this was a bunch of topmost features that made Angular JS a reliable solution. But do you think this is done?

That is what Angular JS has. That is what it can create. 

Well, not really!

There’s a lot more about it. Have a glance at what type of applications can be built with angular js and make an informed decision.

Wrapping Up!

The promising features of AngularJS position it as a top choice for crafting dynamic applications, whether it is for the business or clients. This framework empowers developers to elevate their applications and streamline their development efforts, saving time and resources. 

That is why a high demand for AngularJS developers has created fierce competition in the job market. However, finding one is certainly challenging. But if you are not familiar with the crucial steps of hiring an angular developer or what to look for and how to begin, things get way more complicated. So, here is a complete step by step guide to hire angular developers for you.

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