Why it's Important to Create iOS and Android Apps?

Why it's Important to Create iOS and Android Apps?

The programming world has been into existence since the early 1970s. With the rapid growth in the technology industry, smartphones have become a significant part of our routine. 

An average smartphone user is accessing 9 apps per day and 30 apps on a monthly basis. These figures clearly depict the importance of mobile apps in our day-to-day lives. However, from the perspective of an entrepreneur, the confusion to choose one operating system remains the same. And the reason for this confusion is based on the statistics from GS Stat Counter;

  • 76.08% of mobile phones are using Android
  • 22.01% are using iOS
  • Remaining 1.53% of mobile phones are using Samsung, Windows, etc.

Another report from Statistica shows the list of countries with the highest number of mobile app downloads in 2018:

  • China
  • India
  • United States
  • Brazil
  • Indonesia

India, China, and the USA are a few countries with a large base of application users. Therefore, while considering mobile app development, it becomes essential to understand the type of your target audience.

iOS and Android Apps

Do you have an Out of the Box Idea?

Despite Android devices being used by the majority of people, the best apps are launched on iOS first. Periscope app is one of the best examples. The Android version of this application was released way later. 

Do you know why this happens? iPhone users provide reliable income sources as they are statistically wealthier and are ready to spend more money on apps that they actually want.

With the addition of the Swift programming language, the development got simplified. It helped iPhone developers to evade the errors usually made while working with other languages. The language had already become the developer’s favorite in no time. So, if you have an out of the box idea, it’s a good choice to hire iOS developers to make your application successful.

Here’s the Crux about When to Choose iOS App Development:

  • In case you have more time and money to spend on the development process.
  • When your target audience is wealthier people or B2B industry.
  • If you have the capacity to release app updates frequently.
  • Provided that in-app purchase is part of your marketing strategy.

Do you Want to Target a Larger UserBase?

The Android audience is comparatively bigger. Many mobile app developers continue to support Google OS, and there are valid reasons for the same. Android app development has operational and strategic benefits. Therefore companies are leveraging the customer base of the play store to grow their business and improve revenue.

When to Choose Android Development?

  • If you want to drive a huge amount of traffic & downloads.
  • Andriod apps are best to generate maximum ROI. It’s because 3.48% of Android users react to push notifications whereas only 1.77% of Apple users open the push notifications.
  • The average cost per installation (CPI) for Android is nearly half in comparison to the iOS apps.

Considering that you were earlier planning to choose the native approach, the above points will give you an overview of when to choose iOS and Android app development.

But if you are planning to develop a mobile app for both iOS and Android, the cross-platform approach is the right choice. Let's find out why!

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Building a Cross-Platform Mobile Application:

1. Unlimited Use of Codes

Developers don’t have to create different codes for different platforms. They create a unique code and then customize the app according to the platform they are using. The same codes can be used again & again.

2. Quick Development in Less Code

This is one of the most promising attributes of incorporating both iOS and Android apps. The cross-platform framework that you will choose (React Native, Flutter or Ionic) can help you develop your mobile app rapidly.

Since the business is investing the money in developing only the code once. There is a high chance of cost-cutting, which makes it a win-win situation while improving business efficiency.

Moreover, it saves you from setting two different teams for iOS and Android. You just have to hire Flutter developers (if you decide to move ahead with Flutter) and kick start the development process.

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3. Integration with the Cloud

The single source code makes it easy to integrate the app with the cloud making them more accessible. As both iOS and Android are widely accessible across the globe, a business can take advantage of all the money producing systems while integrating cloud storage.

4. Uniformity Prevails

The important consideration is user experience. With the help of the cross-platform mobile app, the look and feel of the app can be maintained across multiple platforms. As a matter of fact, using a single codebase of app development, increase the outlook of your mobile application. This way uniformity prevails and you will get a more interactive user interface.

5. Wide Reach

When your app runs on multiple platforms, it is obvious that you will target more users. More users signify more ROI and business. Therefore, when you choose cross-platform development, it becomes easier to reach a wide audience globally.

Make your Next Project a Success with iOS and Android App Development 

The bottom line is whether it is an iOS or Android app, it should be built around user experience. This approach is broadly acknowledged by entrepreneurs across the globe as it makes the complete development process seamless. 

Before you decide to get an app developed for your business, analyze different parameters like demographics, market, retention rate, CPI (cost per download), etc.

Only the experienced professionals know what goes into the technicalities; what matters most is the experience. So, if you are planning to hire android developer, iOS app developer, or a team of dedicated developers to work on your project, look no further.

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