Typical Problems When Outsourcing Work to an Indian IT Agency and How to Address Them?

Typical Problems When Outsourcing Work to an Indian IT Agency and How to Address Them?

Companies across the globe rely on India for quality IT outsourcing. 

The reason is - access to a pool of talented IT professionals, affordable prices, and quality delivered. 

Apparently, this unique combination of almost everything in the right proportion makes India a reliable source of excellent IT services for businesses like yours. 

And, perhaps, that’s why even giants like IBM, Google, and Microsoft are outsourcing to India to scale up their business. 

But before anything, we would like to ask: 

  • Are you one of those enterprises that are willing to outsource IT work to Indian agencies
  • Is it your first/second time outsourcing to India
  • Do you wish you knew the Indian IT market better? 

If the answer to these questions was a ‘yes,’ you are at the right place!

Outsourcing work to the Indian market is no game - you could end up in quite a few troubles, too (if you don’t have the knowledge of the industry). 

However, if you understand the market well, you can easily avoid these problems, and end up choosing a highly trustworthy and reliable IT company, who can deliver everything that you expect. 

Almost 87% of Companies Face these Problems When Outsourcing to an Indian IT Agency! So, in this article, we will cover all those typical problems and How to Address them Like a Pro? 

Outsourcing to Indian IT Agency, Still Works? 

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The question is whether to outsource to India or not. The answer to that would be a definite ‘yes.’ But, for sure, with some precautions. Suppose if you are a newbie to an Indian IT agency, how would you become so sure it will work 100% in your favor? 

The decision to either ‘go’ or ‘not go’ for any country to outsource depends on identifying what possible challenges could hinder your process. And, for the Indian market, here are some: 

  1. Seeking Your Partner (The Right One)

Since India is a pool of talented IT professionals, there would be no concern in finding one. But to know that one fits your business needs is tough. 

That takes away half of the pain, to be precise. For that, list down the best ones based on their experiences. Then explain to them your business needs and requirements. 

Bear in mind that you need to cross-verify their experience and skills with a test job, client testimonials, ratings & reviews online, and even their work done in the past. 

Beyond solid references, they must be clear about your requirements and how your business works to take your project to the next level. 

  1. The Differences - Time, Culture, and Language 

You know about that already, isn’t it? Outsourcing work to an Indian IT agency comes with certain challenges such as the language barrier, cultural differences, and time differences. 

However, since the pandemic, the timing differences aren’t quite a barrier to smooth operations anymore. 

People have learned to work considering different time zones, and the teams are managed in a manner to satisfy the timings of almost every location. 

Besides, most Indian professionals are proficient in English, which cuts down the chances of any miscommunication. Also, with some robust tools like Slack, Zoom, and Google Meet, virtual communication has become even easier.  

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  1. Performance Issues/ Work Quality 

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Another crazy problem that a company is afraid of facing in India is the low-quality work. 

However, that is not always the case here! Irrespective of the comparatively low costs that Indian IT agencies would ever charge you, there are minimum chances of getting low/poor quality work in this country. 

But still, if you fall into that category who fears low-quality work from the country, you need to strategize well for that right from the beginning. 

For instance, setting up quality parameters in advance, turnaround time, output, proper communication, and probably setting standards while interviewing them is essential. Research about your partner thoroughly to avoid such issues. 

And, for errors in complex tasks, that can always be fixed with proper and frequent communication and discussion. 

  1. Work Monitoring Concerns 

Amongst other such concerns when outsourcing to an Indian IT agency is the problem with thorough work monitoring. 

And, that is quite an obvious one, as sitting miles away from your outsourced partner won’t remain as effective as it would be if you were sitting a few desks away. Keeping a tab on their activity, then, seems challenging. 


For that, you can opt for some reliable performance monitoring tools. Certain performance tracking tools, which will track the exact performance, will surely help you understand how well your chosen team is performing. 

  1. Attitudes and Behaviors

Another major concern for many companies is dealing with people’s negative attitudes and behavioral issues. 

It can be challenging dealing with the unprofessional attitudes or the low morale of the IT professionals, who otherwise need to be motivated, positive, and always ready to level up the project. 

To not deal with issues later in the future, you will have to be observational enough at the very beginning. 

See how well they communicate and take the initiative to understand your business or even the small tasks. 

Are they trying to build up a relationship with you? Are they trying to understand your business and what you expect out of them? 

If yes, go for that team. Otherwise, you always have the option of selecting the best out of rest. 


Outsourcing to Indian IT agencies has become common nowadays. However, that can even bring some of the above or maybe some other problems. 

The thing to remember here is that there is always a way to deal with that problem. Or, you can always take the help of those who have been doing it already. 

Outsourcing IT Services

Hence it is advised for you to be observational, alert, and tend to start with smaller projects for the minimized risks rather than outsourcing a big project to the IT agents in India. 

Once you can see the trust, friendship, and comfort have been built, you can go for a bigger project. 

Hence, you will need to invest an ample amount of time and effort to analyze everything before jumping to conclusions. 

Are you too looking for a reliable IT agency with proficient professionals for your next project? 


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So, take a plunge today, connect with the IT experts, and we bet you won’t regret your decision!!! 

All the best.

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