Tips to Hire Quality Assurance Team!

Tips to Hire Quality Assurance Team!

When an organization introduces a new software, product, or service, it is imperative that it is glitch-free. This helps in making the customer satisfied. Quality is a focal point of every company. For this reason, companies hire developers with great amount of experience.

Tips to Hire Quality Assurance Team

Quality assurance Definition

In an organization, quality assurance refers to a systematic approach to determine whether a product or service meets standard or specific requirements. Basically, the process analyses an entire development process to deliver efficiently working software and prevent future mistakes. 

Who is a QA developer?

QA developer helps a team to identify issues as early as practicable and delicately works to avoid sacrificing quality to meet the delivery objectives. In fact, testing innovative and complex software apps require the ability to identify different situations that might arise as the product continues to evolve. 

Quality Assurance Team is important for the success of the development team they work with. Whether they work on editing the code, testing an application’s usability, it is the responsibility of the QA to make sure that the end-product is of the highest quality.

Need for Quality Assuring Developers

QA developers are important for every software development organization for the following reasons:

  • Analyzing and clarifying requirements 
  • Strategizing and organizing the testing processes
  • Creating test cases
  • Testing the software/app
  • Identifying loopholes
  • Fixing issues
  • Re-testing and fixing errors
  • Continuously optimizing and enhancing the testing process

The responsibilities of a QA Team may vary depending on the type of project. QA automation testing team develops an automation framework, sets up a testing environment, test scripts, integrate tools, and maintain the existing test scripts. By now, you may have realized that a Quality Analyst is the developer’s right hand and an important employee you can’t work without. 

Benefits of Hiring a Software Testing Team:

Testing helps to ensure that the final product meets financial and non-functional requirements. 

  • Software development is a dynamic process, and functionality tends to change anytime. A dedicated QA tester ensures that every new feature is in sync with the rest of the product’s functions, and the product is able to meet the requirements. 
  • Basic unit testing implemented by the in-house team is unable to identify all the bugs, and for this reason, it is important to take the help of quality analysts. 
  • The QA team helps in keeping an eye on if the client’s requirements are completed by the developers. When this kind of issue arises, the QA reports will show everything. 

Whatever you will spend to hire a QA tester is definitely going to help you save a lot in the long run. The cost of the chain grows exponentially with time, so it is better to start getting your products/apps/software tested by professional testers. 

Define your Testing Project

Before hiring a Quality Assurance and Quality Control Team, you should have a clear picture of what your project is all about. Moreover, you should describe your project in a way that resonates with the ideal QA developer for your project. 

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How to Hire a Good Quality Assurance Team

When you finally decide to hire a quality assurance team, it is crucial that they are trustworthy and experienced workers. Here is how to hire a potential QA tester:

First and foremost, decide what services you require. Before you start looking for an ideal candidate, make a detailed checklist. For example, if the website processes sensitive information, there should be tester who understands how to evaluate the site’s security features. 

On the contrary, if you have planned to hunt front-end mistakes like broken links, hire a QA tester who doesn’t have advanced technical skills. In general, the more experienced and knowledgeable the team is, the better it is. 

Know what you are Looking for?

Before you start with the interview process, it is always good to have an idea about what skills they need to have to be an efficient professional in your organization. By doing this, it is easier to target the potential candidates quickly. 

Ask these questions to yourself first and then ask the same questions to the candidates. 

Compare your answers to theirs and identify how well they match up to narrow your options:

  • Does the QA developer understand testing?
  • Can he communicate effectively and work well with the team?
  • How quickly can tasks be completed?
  • Do they possess creativity?
  • What is QA assurance Interview Process includes?

The Quality Assurance Tester Interview Process

Whether you are planning to hire a developer, project manager or QA tester, an interview is one of the most important parts of any hiring process. This is where potential candidates are identified. Have the first conversation over a phone call or Skype call. If you feel the answers given by him are satisfactory, then turn to a face-to-face interview.

QA assurance team have professionals who should be completely packed with the following skills:

  • They should have expertise in problem-solving, logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, verbal and written communication. In addition, they must have practical skills, like time management and exceptional documentation. 
  • They should be B.Tech graduate or BCA graduate.
  • Have knowledge regarding Software Quality Assurance methodologies, processes, and tools. 
  • Knowledge about scripting and SQL. 
  • The clear idea regarding the latest advancements and current trends. 

The Personal Attributes of a QA Includes:

  • Attention to small details
  • Analytical thinking
  • Proactiveness
  • Adaptability
  • Self-Motivation
  • Initiation
  • Willingness to absorb new technologies
  • Persistence
  • Strong communication skills

Evaluate Professionalism and Passion of a QA Developer

There is a certain level of professionalism that a tester’s CV should have. Having grammatical mistakes is a clear sign that there is a lack of attention paid in an important document. Ensure the candidate is willing to work for your company, enthused, interested, and passionate about software QA Testing

Here is the QA Technical Skill Checklist:
  • Ability to develop code for Automated Tests 
  • Competency to work in an independent and team-based environment
  • Evaluate test results
  • Attainable progress goals
  • Build a test plan
  • Know how to work closely with the development and product team
  • Good knowledge of Product Development LifeCycle 
  • Review user interface for functionality and consistency
  • Firm understanding of Quality Testing Environment 
  • Research new technologies, tools and testing processes
  • Record results and test programs
  • In-depth knowledge of Manual and Automate testing
  • Understanding of business and technical objectives and challenges
  • Determine potential issues
  • Identify errors and fix them

 After the technical skills are analyzed, ask these questions

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Most frequently asked QA questions:

  • Describe in brief the difference between Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Testing. 
  • What is the difference between the Test Plan and Test Strategy?
  • Explain the software testing life cycle
  • How do you write a good test case?
  • Can a QA resolve production issues?
  • What is functional and non-functional testing?
  • What are verification and validation?
  • Have you previously used any Automation tools?
  • Name a few artifacts that you refer to when you write a test case.
  • Specify the difference between Agile & Scrum. 
  • What is TDD? Does it guarantee a bug-free product?


Hiring a good Quality Assurance Team or quality assurance developers is a great way to grow your company, enhance current procedures, and improve the efficiency of the software development strategy. So, know what skills the applicant needs to have and start with a simple phone conversation before proceeding any further. 

In short, look for an applicant who has the ability to handle repetitive tasks, is perfection-driven and always curious to look deep into the root cause of an issue. Always remember that quality control and software testing services will give you a great opportunity to stay within the budget and extend the testing capacity whenever required.

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