Why Use Staff Augmentation as Part of Your Developer Hiring Process?

Why Use Staff Augmentation as Part of Your Developer Hiring Process?

The insatiable requirement of the skilled workforce gave rise to different staffing strategies. Out of which, IT staff augmentation is creating a lot of buzz.

Staff augmentation is a strategy allowing the business to fill different gaps of immediate nature without having to resort to the hassle of hiring. This allows different companies to hire top-level professionals for niche projects without incurring the same cost of hiring new in-house employees.

The augmented staff collaborates with the core team on a short or long-term basis while lending expertise to fill the skill void.

A good IT staff augmentation company’s success is measured by the KPI it defines.

This is not only the base of effective reporting but has the ability to maximize the efficiency of In-house and offshore staff skills and limitations. The best staff augmentation company believes in transparent performance metrics on which the hired developers are benchmarked.

This fosters innovation and business growth with new ideas and technological expertise.

Key Benefits of Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation helps you meet the dynamic requirements of the project. Small, mid-size, and established enterprises find it very useful.

Here are a few advantages of choosing IT staff augmentation services:

  • Gives direct access to the hired resources.
  • Protects intellectual property via the service agreement.
  • Offers access to specialize skillset and experts as required for the project.
  • Helps in achieving desired goals within the decided timeline and budget.
  • It provides you with more time to focus on work by freeing the time you have used during the hiring process.
  • It helps in achieving better productivity.
  • Enhances application and network performance.
  • Optimizes the workflow.
  • Reduces operational costs.
  • Eliminates payroll process
  • It allows flexibility scaling up and down the resources according to needs.
  • Provides options for onshore and offshore staff augmentation.

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The Developer Hiring Process with Staff Augmentation

The Developer Hiring Process with Staff Augmentation

Finding the right resource vendor for hiring mobile app developers with the help of staff augmentation is a smart strategy.

The relationship between the business and the outsourcing development company sets the tone on how quick business can avail the window of opportunity.

This is because of the demand for new expertise. The perfect strategy should be able to understand the collaborative efficacy in order to get the desired outcome.  

Summing it all up, the best staff augmentation strategy can make all the difference as it makes your business ready with the equipped workforce having the knowledge of the latest technology.

This strategy comes up with a new perspective in the current work scenario allowing management to plan in a better way. As the world keeps spinning faster and the pace speeds up, it becomes challenging to staff permanent talent in-house.

But because the demand for skilled talent keeps on increasing, it is always better to consider outsourcing developers. How will you find the right talent quickly and implement marketing and operational plans while keeping it cost-effective and mitigating the risk?

Staff Augmentation is the solution to all your problems.

Staff Augmentation is hiring a specialized remote development team on a temporary basis, part-time or full-time via an outsourcing company.

Need for Relying on Staff Augmentation

Businesses rely on staff augmentation for a variety of scenarios. Are you an entrepreneur who is struggling with the following?

  • The in-house development team is already working overtime and there are new projects lined up.
  • One or more in-house team members have plans for extended leave for a few months due to illness or maternity.
  •  An important project requires specialized talent in its development stage.
  • You have to either train your full-time staff or hire new employees.
  •  A new project is in its testing phase and there is an unsolvable error that has occurred.
  • Your product team recommends a talented pro who will solve the issue.
  •  Your company was unable to find the right talent for projects. Or perhaps the employees did not work the way they were expected to.

In these situations, you should create an offshore development center that helps you develop a plan, implement it, and deliver within the decided time.

Let’s explore the aforementioned challenges in detail:

Project Planning, Implementation, and Long-term Management

Project Planning, Implementation, and Long-term Management

New projects or operational procedures should be managed carefully in order to ensure successful implementation. If your in-house team is already having a lot of burdens.

With all this, how will you make them excited about the next project? You can’t afford to lose your employees nor do you want to lose any project.

Unfortunately, there is a possibility that new projects can fail especially if there is a lack of a dedicated development team.

The best way to get traction is to hire developers so that they work on the project with 100% focus.

For hiring via staff augmentation, you have to find a reliable offshore development team and interview the best team of developers.

1. Temporary Cover for Critical Positions

Whenever your in-house member announces extended leave for several weeks or months and that employee is an important asset to the organization, you should substitute the member on a temporary basis.

You will also agree that the company can’t afford to hire another full-time employee on his behalf for a short span.

So in this scenario, hiring dedicated offshore developers makes more sense.

2. Expedited Development

Your company may be inundated with projects. Then there are some that have to be completed on a priority basis. You might have excellent developers within your team, but sometimes it is required to hire extra resources to get things done on time.

When there is no lead time and you need design and coding experts at the same time, the best thing to do is to hire developers via staff augmentation.

3. New Product or Service

Often times, during the last phase of the development of a product or service gets stuck due to some bugs or coding errors. To avoid such situations, having a team of top offshore developers as an extension can prove to be a savior.

Hiring temporary individuals for key positions turns out to be very fruitful.

On the contrary, the market test has better success chances if the team of testers is skilled giving close supervision. Once you are done with the market test, let the team get approval for the full product/service rollout.

Further, this remote team will be helpful in training your permanent employees and documenting procedures.

You can also continue with them for a long period of time.

Why is Full-Time Hiring for Projects, Not a Good Decision?

Why is Full-Time Hiring for Projects not a Good Decision?

The IT industry for highly skilled workers is becoming tightened for the past few years. This further leads to months and months of recruiting for a single position.

The candidate may have to undergo multiple interview rounds in order to get hired by the company. The recruitment process takes a lot of time and hassle.

Rather than hitting your head on the wall, it is the right time to consider a staff augmentation agency. You should rely on the firm having a cadre of specialized talent guaranteed to fulfill the company’s requirements.

Service guarantee simply means if the offshore team you hired from a different geographical location was unable to deliver the desired result, you get a refund.

Additional Costs Offset by Cost Savings

Staff augmentation services have plenty of services. It results in lower administrative costs having other valuable benefits.

Consider the following;

  • You are hiring a highly skilled and experienced remote team.
  • The interviews are way more streamlined as you are not paying for job listing and review only qualified candidates.
  • The onboarding cost drops down as there is no need for extended orientation and infrastructure for the worker.
  • If the hired developer doesn’t work out, you can choose from a pool of more candidates. They will start working on your project right away.
  • When highly experienced developers are working on the project, everything moves swiftly from planning to implementation.
  • Hiring offshore developers may help your in-house team get more productive as they get inspired by the remote team.

Things to Consider while Collaborating with Staff Augmentation Company

Things to Consider while Collaborating with Staff Augmentation Company

Staff Augmentation is a smart strategy that is responsible for the growth and success of your company. 

Like all the projects, success relies on need analysis, evaluation, customized solutions, and careful implementation. Here are the considerations;

1) Resource Requirements

The market is a choc-a-bloc so how will you rely on an experienced staff augmentation agency? It is always better to trust a company that has good Google reviews and ranking on Clutch or GoodFirms.

Partner with a remote development team that has worked on similar projects like yours. Specialized staff augmentation for niche roles will help you better understand your needs and select the right audience you should target.

2) Hiring Techniques

The ideal staff augmentation partner should have the ability to bolster the hiring efforts. Make sure the company has access to better, recruiting channels and resources than your operations.

It is better to have hired a team of professionals who will fulfill your expectations and go a mile ahead to give you satisfaction.

You can find the best fit for your requirements even outside their active pool.

3) Updated Market Knowledge

With the evolution of the industry, you experience new challenges. A truly resourceful staff augmentation always keeps themselves updated regarding the trends and changes.

If you feel your existing offshore development company is slow your staff augmentation cost is higher than expected, then it is advised to shift to another company having a better portfolio.

Offshore companies having a finger on the pulse anticipate the latest trends as they are on an outlook for the people who are in-line with the same.

This makes sure that your business will grow and prosper the way you want it to be.

4) Transparency

How do you maintain a strong relationship between you and your staff augmentation partner?

Clear communication is the key. This clearly means that the staffing company you are collaborating with should specialize in well-defined documentation on the exact role and transparent cost break down.

You must also be able to reply to the queries in a way that all your doubts get cleared on a high level having minimal knowledge of the existing hiring processes. This helps in setting realistic expectations.

5) Add-on services

Whenever you partner with a staff augmentation services provider, there are a specific set of value-add services that they provide. This comes complimentary with the standard package.

The services may include specialized training to the in-house team or conducting video seminars to enhance their skills. It is very important to evaluate all these services to reap the benefits of the staff augmentation partner.

Having a fixed employee network may result in the stagnation of ideas for business development. On the other hand, flexible hiring allows businesses to expand their operations, without investing in a full-fledged workforce.

But when you hire experienced offshore developers, they may have opinions and ideas regarding the project.

You can engage with a diverse set of professionals and a box of new ideas. Project-specific hiring helps you with leveraging new ideas and propel operations.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

Lower development cost, less legal responsibilities, no recruitment hassle, more flexibility, and increased output are a few of the benefits that you enjoy with an IT Staff Augmentation Company.

It is very important to choose the right kind of company or dedicated developers based on your requirements. Especially the ones that meet your product goals and execute your ideas in a way that drives maximum Return on Investment.

Businesses have benefited from the flexible hiring model of IT Staff Augmentation. As they leverage the abilities of professionals with intensive skills in a sot efficient manner.

Ready to embrace the staff augmentation model for your business? Connect with us now and get a free consultation from our business head.

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